The latter half of the year 2010 was a milestone for FAME, and for the Philippine maritime industry as a whole.

Relevant to the trading standards and processes of the maritime sector, two (2) legislations were subjected for implementation by the government during that time. These were known as the Amended Migrant Worker’s Act or RA 10022 and the new POEA Standard Employment Contract.

It is no less than a breakthrough for the industry to be able to significantly take part in the amendment of RA 1002 and the new POEA SEC. More importantly, the fact that FAME was largely responsible for mainstreaming the concerns of the maritime industry into these political undertakings can by no means be trivialized. This marks another legacy for the association.

The importance of these interventions is well rationalized by the fact that if we failed to intervene on these political activities, we will be severely implicated by the results. Consequent to that, and on the more general vantage point, the national economy will suffer in view of labor and trade.

At the heat of it all, FAME gathered its members to be able to disseminate and discuss developments on the two legislations. That assemblage occurred on the 14th of September 2010. This was the last general membership meeting for 2010, and it proved to be the most participated meeting event of the year in review.