Like in any intense competition, there’s always the story of triumph and defeat. This was again witnessed during the 9th FAME Inter-Manning Badminton Tournament held at the PowerSmash Badminton Center, Makati City last 30 August 2014. Especially in the final rounds, where every point comes with overwhelming emotions, whether it’s for joy or frustration, every point, every error was crucial.
Save the best for last! The title-winning match between Michaelmar Phils., Inc. and Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc. in the Men’s Doubles Level A category blew the house down as players gathered to watch and chant to the last remaining game of the tournament. It was epic, tight, and a true showcase blowout fight but Michaelmar pulled away to grab the title. But of course, every match has its own highlights. Indeed, everyone stepped up to their games.
Here is the full list of the winners in their respective categories:
LEVEL H          CHAMPION   -           Marlo Rivera / Crisalde Julaton
                                                            Torm Shipping Philippines, Inc.
                        RUNNER-UP    -          Abdul John Candelario / Kyle Yancy Manzano
                                                            Great Southern Maritime Services Corp.
LEVEL G          CHAMPION   -           Raymond Andaya / Mervjim Diola
                                                            Great Southern Maritime Services Corp.           
                        RUNNER-UP    -           Michael Quezada / Errol Remoto
                                                            Southfield Agencies, Inc.
LEVEL F           CHAMPION   -           Anthony Sanico / Arvin Macalinao
                                                            Southfield Agencies, Inc.
                        RUNNER-UP    -           Adonis Austria / John Nimrod Austria
                                                            Hoegh Fleet Services Phils., Inc.
LEVEL E           CHAMPION   -           Chris Gonzales / John Roque
                                                            Tri Maritime Corporation
                        RUNNER-UP    -           Ron Elly Bartilad / Kelvin Bartilad
                                                            Manila Shipmanagement & Manning Inc.
LEVEL D          CHAMPION   -           Rommel Yodico / Kris Lopez
                                                            Stolt-Nielsen Philippines, Inc.
                        RUNNER-UP    -           Joseph Ibale / Erwin Gomez
                                                            BSM Crew Service Centre Philippines, Inc.
LEVEL C          CHAMPION   -           Perry Ravanopoulos / Anthony Florentino
                                                            Michaelmar Phils., Inc.
                        RUNNER-UP    -           John Aguilar / Carlito Librabdo
                                                            C.F. Sharp Crew Management, Inc.
LEVEL B           CHAMPION   -           Pedrito Cabana / Peter Jerome Cabana
                                                            NYK-Fil Ship Management, Inc.
                        RUNNER-UP    -           Luis De Guzman / Ruel Lagsit
                                                            NYK-Fil Ship Management, Inc.
LEVEL A          CHAMPION   -           Athanacius Gallardo / Joey Abuan
                                                            Michaelmar Phils., Inc.
                        RUNNER-UP    -           Jervy Espiritu / Kenneth Olivar
                                                            Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc.
LEVEL F           CHAMPION   -           Mary Aissa Dichoso / Norma Safranca
                                                            Multinational Maritime Inc./MMSPhil Maritime
                                                            Agencies, Inc./Phil. Crewing Maritime Services
                         RUNNER-UP    -         Shane Encarnacion / Helen Balaguer
                                                            Tri Maritime Corporation
LEVEL E           CHAMPION   -           Leslie Doregril / Desiree Malanta
                                                              Multinational Maritime Inc./MMSPhil Maritime
                                                              Agencies, Inc./Phil. Crewing Maritime Services
                           RUNNER-UP    -           Aubrey Pantinos / Maria Elena Binlayan
                                                            Hoegh Fleet Services Phils., Inc.
LEVEL D          CHAMPION   -           Joy Balatbat / Dianne Guerra
                                                            BSM Crew Service Centre Philippines, Inc.
                        RUNNER-UP    -           Jade Ofamin / Luciana Danganan
                                                            Magsaysay Maritime Corporation
LEVEL C          CHAMPION    -           Rowena Manuel / Jacquelyn Labatorio
                                                            Dohle Seafront Crewing (Manila), Inc.
                          RUNNER-UP    -           Marivic Acasio / Regie Chua
                                                            Southfield Agencies, Inc.
LEVEL B           CHAMPION      -           May Gomez / Andrea Villanueva
                                                            Magsaysay Maritime Corporation
                         RUNNER-UP    -           Nancy Bondad / Regina Jane Teoxon
                                                            OSM Maritime Services, Inc.
LEVEL G          CHAMPION   -           Elton Rey Glori / Michelle Gabejan
                                                            Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc.
                        RUNNER-UP    -           James Gay / Jacqueline Gay
                                                            Solstad Offshore Crewing Services Philippines, Inc.
LEVEL F           CHAMPION   -           Neil Austria / Kris De Austria
                                                            Tri Maritime Corporation   
                        RUNNER-UP    -           Melvin Dela Cruz / Mayette Alolod       
                                                            Tri Maritime Corporation   
LEVEL E           CHAMPION   -           Roder Aspilla / Patti Pawid
                                                            OSM Maritime Services, Inc.
                        RUNNER-UP    -           Michael Armamento / Vavalet Magsino
                                                              Great Southern Maritime Services Corp.           
LEVEL D          CHAMPION   -           SpyrosRavanopoulos / Vicky De Lara
                                                            Michaelmar Phils., Inc.
                        RUNNER-UP    -           Dante Moralde / Abigail Escandor
                                                            Norbulk Pacific Maritime, Inc.
LEVEL C          CHAMPION   -           Edward Bacorro / Barrie Cruz
                                                            Magsaysay Maritime Corporation
                        RUNNER-UP    -           Alain Garillos / Jojie Sace
                                                            Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc.
LEVEL B           CHAMPION   -           Gabriel Naval / Kath Del Carmen
                                                            Tri Maritime Corporation
                        RUNNER-UP    -           Christopher Adriano / Alma Bulaon
                                                            BW Shipping Philippines, Inc.
LEVEL A          CHAMPION   -           Maria Mercedes Ravanopoulos / Alfrose Santos
                                                            Michaelmar Phils., Inc.
                         RUNNER-UP -             Angelico Cerrera / Anne Cerrera
                                                            BSM Crew Service Centre Philippines, Inc.
In recognition for their participation with most participants, the Biggest Delegation title was awarded to OSM Maritime Services, Inc.
Although it didn’t match last year’s record, this year’s tournament was still very successful as it scored 342 participants coming from 33 companies namely:
1.      BSM Crew Service Centre Philippines, Inc.
2.      BW Shipping Philippines, Inc.
3.      C.F. Sharp Crew Management, Inc.
4.      Cargo Safeway, Inc.
5.      Dohle Seafront Crewing (Manila), Inc.
6.      Dolphin Ship Management, Inc.
7.      Great Southern Maritime Services Corp.
8.      Grieg Philippines, Inc.
9.      Hoegh Fleet Services Phils., Inc.
10.  International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC)
11.  Maersk Filipinas Crewing, Inc. / Maersk Crew Management Services Phils, Inc.
12.  Magsaysay Maritime Corporation
13.  Manila Shipmanagement & Manning Inc.
14.  Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP)
15.  Michaelmar Phils., Inc.
16.  Multinational Maritime Inc./MMSPhil Maritime Agencies/Phil. Crewing Maritime Services
17.  MOT-Barko Manila, Inc.
18.  Norbulk Pacific Maritime, Inc.
19.  NYK-Fil Ship Management, Inc.
20.  OSM Maritime Services, Inc.
21.  Pacific Ocean Manning, Inc.
22.  Parola Maritime Agency Corp./Eagle Star Crew Management Corp.
23.  Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc.
24.  Skanfil Maritime Services, Inc.
25.  Smart Communications
26.  Solstad Offshore Crewing Services Philippines, Inc.
27.  Southfield Agencies, Inc.
28.  Stolt-Nielsen Philippines, Inc.
29.  Taiyo Nippon Kisen Co., Ltd – ROHQ
30.  Torm Shipping Philippines, Inc.
31.  Tri Maritime Corporation
32.  Ventis Maritime Corp.
33.  Virjen Shipping Corporation
It’s true, patience is a virtue because exciting raffle prizes were also given away to the patient, lucky winners during the awarding ceremony which included cash, badminton equipments and apparels plus a brand new Lenovo mobile phone courtesy of Smart Communications.
Massive thanks to this year’s sponsors for making this tournament possible.
Major Sponsor
Smart Communications Inc.
Minor Sponsors
BW Shipping Inc.
Philippine Japan Manning Consultative Council Inc. (PJMCC)
Parola Maritime Corp./Eagle Star Crew Management Corporation
Patron Sponsors
Associated Marine Officers & Seamen’s Union of the Phils. (AMOSUP)
All Japan Seamen’s Union (AJSU)
Cargo Safeway Inc.
Jo Tankers Phils., Inc.
NYK-FIL Ship Management Inc.
Philippine Seafarers Union (PSU)
Singa Ship Management Phils., Inc.
Tri Maritime Corp.
In behalf of the whole FAME group, thank you for your incessant support and participation.
Next year will mark our decade anniversary. Again, join us as we celebrate another milestone of our annual badminton event.
Congratulations to all the winners and see you in the 10th FAME Inter-Manning Badminton Tournament!