Image Build - Up and Industry Recognition


As soon as FAME registered its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it has officially declared its existence as an association of legitimate manning agencies. Immediately, the image problem of being lumped with by fly-by-night business operators was addressed.

Manning agencies finally had proper representation - a unified voice in all industry undertakings.

Establishment of the Tripartite System

With the support of FAME, DOLE created a Tripartite Technical Committee to discuss relevant maritime issues. Since then, the tripartite system has become the accepted practice among government bodies in tackling and addressing problems in the manning industry.

Review of FOC Issue at the United Nations Commission on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

FAME strongly opposed the phase out of Flag of Convenience vessels that would have brought disastrous repercussions to the Philippine Manning Industry. The Association submitted a position paper that was ultimately adopted by the Philippine Government.

Institutionalization of the FAME Maritime Foundation, Inc. (FMFI)

FAME Maritime Foundation formerly known as FAME-Capt. I.P. Estaniel Foundation was established as the training arm of the Association. FMFI ushered in the first radar simulator training in the Philippines.

Increased Mandatory Allotment Remittance

In its desire to assist the Philippine Government, FAME, through its Board of Directors, adopted a resolution recommending the increase in the remittance of foreign exchange earnings of Filipino Seamen, from 70% to 80%. This was subsequently incorporated in the Executive Order (EO) 925 amending the previous remittance policy.

Hamburg/London Marketing Mission Participation

At a time that the deployment of Filipino seafarers was declining, FAME joined the Ministry of Labor and Employment in its then marketing mission in Hamburg, Germany and London to push for the hiring of Filipino Seafarers. During the mission, EO 991 "Governing the Approved Employment Contracts of Filipino Overseas Contract Workers Working Overseas" was introduced to various foreign principals.

Ratification of Maritime Labor Conventions

FAME helped in encouraging the Philippine Government to ratify various ILO (International Labor Organization) Conventions concerning seafarers.

Assistance in Restoring the Integrity of Marine Deck and Engine Licensure Examination System

FAME lobbied for the implementation of radical changes in the conduct of Officers License examination to salvage its tarnished reputation. In 1992, the government finally implemented long overdue computerization of the marine examination under the auspices of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

STCW Revision Awareness Campaign

FAME consistently pushed the Philippines' active representation in the deliberation of STCW revisions. This paved the way for the Philippines' seat in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as well as its inclusion in the IMO white list.

Constitution of FAME Inspection Team

The FAME Inspection team was formed as part of the Association support services. The team provides technical expertise in every inspection / monitoring conducted by the Maritime Training Council and, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in assessing Maritime Institutions.

Participation to CBA Negotiations

FAME actively participated in TCCC CBA negotiations through the Philippine Maritime Employers Committee (PMEC) / International Maritime Employers Committee (IMEC).

FAME Seminars / Info Series

In the continuing pursuit for quality of work excellence in work, FAME launched a program participated by its members (and sometimes the entire manning industry) aimed at providing a clearer perspective and better understanding of the manning industry.

Inclusion of the Philippines in the World Maritime Conference

It was observed that in spite of the fact that the Philippines hold the distinction as the recognized manning capital of the world, manning conferences were being conducted elsewhere. FAME succeeded to change this when 1st LSM Manning and Training Conference was held in 1995. The conference is now on its 5th year in Manila.

Assistance in the Enactment of RA 8544

The Association exerted all efforts and available resources in supporting the enactment of Republic Act 8544 also known as the Philippine Merchant Marine Officers Act of 1998. The passage of this law signified the country's resolve to be included in the IMO White List.

Establishment of PMAT for NAC

In 2000, FAME established the Philippine Maritime Assessment and Testing Foundation (PMAT) to assist in providing technical services for the operation of the National Assessment Center. This further ensures the credibility of the Philippines in the IMO.

Establishment of PSPC

In a show of Unity, FAME and other maritime organizations jointly established an umbrella organization to promote the Filipino Seafarers FAME sits as the Chairman of PSPC.

Absentee Voting Act

FAME actively supported the passage of the Absentee Voting Law which would finally allow overseas workers to exercise the right to suffrage.

Separation of POEA Rules for Maritime Employment

FAME took the lead in revising the POEA Rules and Regulation by separating the provisions for the landbased from the seabased sector. The new POEA Rules and Regulation finally took effect 09 July 2003.

Separation of OWWA Funds

FAME actively supported the campaign separate the funds of seabased from landbased overseas worker personnel. The proposal was eventually adopted and approved by OWWA.

Dialogues with Embassies e.g US / Schengen

FAME is engaged in the continuing dialogue with Foreign Embassies especially that of the United States (US) and Schengen countries in clarifying issues concerning visa requirements for Filipino Seafarers.

Continuing Dialogue with POEA

FAME committed to continuous dialogue with POEA to stretch and address issues and concerns of the maritime industry and work hand in hand with them to come up with necessary solutions such as the streamlining of procedures in the processing of contracts, which lead to the E-Submission System.


FAME Donation of Computers to PRC

FAME in its initiative to support the PRC donated four (4) computers and one (1) printer to be used exclusively for the purpose of evaluating and processing of marine officers' applications related to the issuance of STCW '95 certificates.


Joint Industry Manpower Assistance to PRC

FAME together with PAMAS, INTERMAP, FSA, and PJMCC agreed to provide PRC manpower assistance to support PRC in the expeditious and efficient issuance of STCW '95 certificates to the marine officers.


Maritime Symposium on NIS Seafarers Documentation, Requirements, Certification and Processes

FAME conducted this symposium to provide updates to maritime stakeholders involved in the processing of certificates and requirements of seafarers going on board Norwegian Flag vessels.

FAME 1st Inter-Manning Badminton Tournament

FAME in its objective to promote health awareness and camaraderie among FAME member-manning companies held the 1st Inter-manning Badminton Tournament at Yonex Philippines Badminton Club at Mandaluyong City last 12 March 2005.

Continuing Dialogue with PRC

Proper compliance with global requirements is indeed vital to the industry to remain competitive, that's why FAME is continually coordinating with PRC concerning the progress or the new procedures and guidelines on the processing of COC & COE.

FAME Info-Series Seminar on the "Interview and Selection of Seafarers Applicants"

Working for excellence as the manning capital in the world, with an objective of enhancing the interview and selection skills of recruitment officers, this seminar was successfully organized.

Continuing Dialogue with NLRC

Addressing the issue on the adverse decisions of labor arbiters against manning agencies, FAME took the initiative in raising the concern at NLRC to possibly correct the wrongdoings at NLRC.

Continuing Dialogue with MTC

Competency of the seafarers is a must thus, FAME is working hand in hand with MTC with the progress on the training requirements especially on the new proposed Management Level Course for deck and engine officers.

Joint FAME - POEA Shipping Business Seminar
31 August – 01, 21 & 21 September 2005

FAME organized and conducted a seminar amongst the POEA staff and personnel with the objectives of providing them a better understanding on what manning and shipping business is all about to increase their awareness on the industry’s dealings and concerns, as well as to facilitate greater coordination between POEA and FAME.

Salute to the Filipino Seafarers Concert
24 September 2005

As a tribute to the Filipino seafarers for their great contribution to the Philippine maritime industry as well as to the country itself, FAME in partnership with SMART Communications Inc., and other maritime associations, came up with the “Ang Marino. Bow! A Salute to the Filipino Seafarers Concert” with the objective of uplifting the image of our seafarers as well as their profession.

Management Level Course
May - October 2005

This is a new requirement for marine deck and engine officers. Deliberating on its would be consequences, FAME took the initiative in reviewing the said course by creating technical experts to review and made recommendations prior its implementation. This was also cooperated by other maritime associations.

FAME Awarded with Special Commendation from POEA 
31 January 2006

The Filipino Association for Mariners’ Employment, Inc. (FAME, Inc.) has been awarded special commendation by the Department of Labor & Employment (DOLE) through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) last 31 January 2006 at the Manila Pavillon located at U. N. Avenue, Ermita Manila during the 2006 DOLE-POEA Agency Awards for its active involvement in the various policy formulations and procedural work on the overseas employment program and participation in various projects/programs for the promotion of welfare and employment of Overseas Filipino workers.