On 19 August 2011 at the Le Salon of Hyatt Hotel & Casino Manila, the Association in Cooperation with Gulf of Aden Group Transits conducted a Counter Piracy Symposium in a more technical approach with the theme “PIRACY, THE NEW WILD WEST” purposely to enhance and update the knowledge of the maritime industry on the present piracy situation particularly in the Gulf of Aden and appropriate anti-piracy options for shipping companies.

The participants were in the able hands of the experts CAPT. JERRY A. NIBRE, Deputy Chief of Coast Guard Staff for Operations of the Philippine Coast Guard, who gave a comprehensive overview of the piracy problem from the Philippine Perspective and PCG’s current programs towards addressing the problem; MR. STEVEN PICKUP, Member of the Management Team & Regional Manager Asia, Gulf of Aden Group Transits as the main lecturer; and FAME’s Vice-President for External Affairs Mr. Jose Albar G. Kato who moderated the whole day symposium

The symposium served as a venue for the exchange of knowledge and understanding on best management practices against piracy and provided attendees with more information on armed security services to protect our Filipino seafarers. The symposium likewise addressed the different ways the combined taskforces i.e crew training and shipboard readiness along with a commonsense approach and armed security services can offer protection on a realistic level.

At the end of the day, Mr. Marlon R. Roño, Chairman of the FAME Special Projects & Events Committee closed the seminar noting the feedback from the members and committed to update the members on matters and developments relative to the piracy problem. Thanks to the initiative and commendable efforts of Engr. Sammuel T. Lim in order to make this symposium happen.