Another significant industry issue has been tackled in the second informative series seminar of the Filipino Association for Mariner’s Employment, Inc. (FAME). Partnered with GARD UK P & I Club Association, the “Criminalization of Seafarers Symposium” was successfully concluded last 29 April 2009 at Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila.

The issue on the criminalization of seafarers suspended against violated laws and marine pollution has become a major concern in the recent years. It has brought several adverse repercussions to the seafarers and their profession as well as to the shipowners, managers and manning agencies.

With the initiative of GARD delegated by Mr. Harold Fotland, Vice President in Gard and Head of the Loss Prevention and Risk Assessment Department and Ms. Kim Jefferies, Senior Claims Executive and Legal Adviser, the seminar gave very comprehensive and updates on international laws governing marine accidents, the proper measures to prevent crimes from happening on board the vessel, the fundamental rights of seafarers and how seafarers should properly handle investigations, to avoid criminalization of seafarers.

The half-day seminar was well attended by FAME member-manning companies and other industry stakeholders totaling to around 200 participants.

With the fresh comprehension rapt from the symposium and the appreciation received from the participants, the Association is looking into conducting this activity on a yearly basis as recommended by GARD representatives to continue the awareness campaign on this concern.