FAME, through its Excellence Standard and Best Practices Committee headed by its chairman Engr. Sammuel T. Lim, has embarked on the significant task of establishing its very first ever industry standard operational excellence through the development of a set of Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s to foster and uphold a culture of excellence among its membership. 


Several meetings of the committee and orientations seminars with the member –companies were conducted just for this purpose. The figures indicated in the KPI were gathered from the member manning agencies through a survey made that commenced last year. It covered the period of one year from 01 July 2006 to 30 June 2007. After all these efforts, FAME’s Excellence Standards is now completed and has been approved by the FAME Board of Directors last October 18, 2007. These KPI’s can now be accessed on-line via FAME Website, www.fame.org.ph under Excellence Standard. 


These industry standard is a valuable benchmarking exercise for the member of FAME, which will help improve their service quality to its Principals on key areas of the business in quantifiable terms which goes beyond ISO9001: 2000. Likewise, it raises the prestige of FAME with its international clients as a high quality organization. So far, FAME is the first and only manning Association in the shipping industry to have established its own operational standards based on KPI’s. This initiative is supported by Association’s very own set of Best Practices Guidelines, a very useful concept that can also be found and downloaded in the website. 


FAME ‘s quality journey does not conclude here, as it continues in collating data from all member-companies for future reference and improvement activities.