The Philippine shipping industry have been alarmed by the delays happening in the process of STCW ’95 certificates for marine deck and engine officers at the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) because it had caused so much delay also in the deployment of officers which is very crucial in the seafaring industry. 

On the light to resolve the problem, the shipping industry had significant dialogues with the Commission to address the intensifying problem. The Commission indeed responded to the seeing the implications effected by the problem. Thus, on 23rd of August 2005, Resolution No. 2005-295 Series of 2005 from PRC has been issued to the shipping industry “Adopting a System to Expedite the Processing of STCW ’95 Certificates of Registered Marine Officers Hired for Immediate Deployment” as an answer. 

The Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) in its earnest goal to properly orient the industry about the new system, coordinated with the Filipino Association for Mariners’ Employment, Inc. (FAME), being the largest association of shipping companies, to hold a workshop on the said system. 

At last, the PRC Seminar Workshop on the Expedite Issuance of STCW ’95 Certificates was held on 06 October 2005 at LA Azotea, Casa Marinero, NYK-FIL Bldg., Intramuros Manila and participated by 193 participants from different manning agencies. 

At the onset of the workshop, Ms. Josephine J. Francisco, President of FAME gave an enlightenment and briefing on the need for a system to expedite the processing and issuance of STCW Certificates. It was followed by Capt. Constantino L. Arcellana, Member of the PRC Board or Marine Deck Officers with the clarification and discussion on the PRC Resolution No. 2005-295 about the adoption of the new system on expedite processing. 

The Requirements for the Issuance and Revalidation of STCW Certificates for Marine Deck and Engine Officers were discussed by Capt. Ernesto C. Bondoc, Chairman of the PRC Board for Marine Deck and Chief Engineer Christopher P. Maambong, Chairman for the Board of Marine Engine Officers. 

Mr. Alfonso C. Viloria, Officer In-Charge at the PRC STCW Section, gave discussed and explained the Procedures in the Issuance and Revalidation of STCW ’95 Certificates. 

The open forum then further highlighted the workshop; hence achieving the goal of clearly understanding the new system adopted. 

The workshop was very successful even though it was time constrained as half day scheduled. Nevertheless, it was a fulfillment to all participants especially to the organizers for the proper education done. 

Indeed, this is what we need in the industry, open communication, proper education and unity. 

Congratulations to PRC and FAME for another job well done.