The Seafarers’ Fun Run organized by the Joint Manning Group (JMG) - Filipino Association for Mariners’ Employment, Inc. (FAME), Filipino Shipowners’ Association (FSA), International Maritime Association of the Philippines (INTERMAP), Philippine Association of Manning Agencies and Ship Managers Inc. (PAMAS) and Philippine-Japan Manning Consultative Council (PJMCC) - as part of the National Maritime Week concluded last 21 September 2008 with an overwhelming response from the maritime industry. The number of participants who registered exceeded the expectations of the organizers and included Filipino Seafarers currently working onboard foreign ships and their families, Manning Companies, the Domestic Shipping sector representing its 300,000 employees, Government, Unions, Maritime Schools and other non-governmental organizations. This event, which will be an annual occasion after this first staging under JMG, aims to promote overall wellness and instill unity among the maritime stakeholders.

There were three categories in the race consisting of the 3 kilometers, 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers. All participants expressed their glee and appreciated the organizers for a fun, effective and smooth sailing activity. Everybody looked forward for next year’s event.

The fun run wrapped up with a raffle draw courtesy of the sponsors and the awarding of winners.

The overall winners for the 3 kilometer run are:

10 Kilometer Run

Male Category

Race No. / Name/ Company/ Time

Champion /3153 /MICHAEL LOMOCSO/ Cargo Safeway Inc. / 48:44:00
2nd Place /3144 /RONNELL PACHECO/ Cargo Safeway Inc. / 49:28:00
3rd Place /3123/ ANGELO ABASTA JR./ Cargo Safeway Inc. / 49:53:00
4th Place/ 3021 /MARLON CAMPANA / Multinational Maritime Inc. / 49:59:00
5th Place/ 3016 /JOAN ORTEGA /MMSPhil Maritime Services, Inc./ 50:18:00
6th Place/ 3022/ JAMES LOWELL FRUSA/ Multinational Maritime Inc. / /50:33:00
7th Place /3419/ ELMAR CASTILLON / Barko International Inc./ 51:11:00
8th Place /3240/ ELIAZAR NABEHHET /Magsaysay Maritime Corporation/ 51:17:00
9th Place/ 3163 /JAMES LLORENTE /Cargo Safeway Inc. / 51:28:00
10th Place /3190 JR VILLAVERDE/ Cargo Safeway Inc. / 52:05:00

Female Category

Race No. / Name / Company /Time

Champion /3228 /ALEX BELTRAN/ Luneta Seafarers Welfare Foundation/ 1:12:00
2nd Place /3108/ LENORE QUIJANO/ Barko International Inc. / 1:16:00
3rd Place/ 3421 /NORRIE CASAREO /Cargo Safeway Inc./ 1:17:00
4th Place /3429/ ELLEN SOLOSOD/ Smart Communications, Inc. / 1:19:00
5th Place/3236/ LERMA AQUINO/ NYK-Fil Shipmanagement, Inc./ 1:29:00
6th Place /3252/ AILEEN RAMIREZ/ Magsaysay Maritime Corporation / 1:30:00
7th Place /3084/ CAROL CRISTOBAL /Skanfil Maritime, Inc./ 1:34:00
8th Place /3202/ MARITES GERONA/ Cargo Safeway Inc. / 1:35:00
9th Place /3253/ ROXANNE YAMBAO/ Magsaysay Maritime Corporation / 1:38:24
10th Place /3244 /DANIELLE DE LEON/ Magsaysay Maritime Corporation/ 1:38:42

5 Kilometer Run

Male Category

Race No. / Name / Company/ Time

Champion /1200 /PETERJOHN REY PALIBRICA/ Magsaysay Maritime Corp./ 23:09:00
2nd Place /1014 /HENRY NANDIN/ Multinational Maritime Inc. /23:12:00
3rd Place/ 1010 /CHARLIE NERIDA/ Multinational Maritime Inc. /24:20:00
4th Place/ 1141 /DON-DON MARI UBALDO/ Barko International Inc./ 24:27:00
5th Place /1519/ JEROME LAURENTE/ Smart Communications, Inc./ 24:49:00
6th Place /1305/ EDUARDO BAYOT/ Cargo Safeway Inc. / 25:07:00
7th Place /1016/ OBIN GANO / Multinational Maritime Inc. /25:13:00
8th Place/ 1012/ KEVIN MALONG / Multinational Maritime Inc. /25:14:00
9th Place/ 1352/ JYREL BELLEZA/ Southfield Agencies Inc./ 25:20:00
10th Place /1348/ ALEX BRIES/ Seafarers Shipping, Inc./ 25:22:00

Female Category

Race No. / Name / Company / Time

Champion /1178/ MARICHU ROJAS/ Cargo Safeway Inc. / 31:39:00
2nd Place /1504 ELIZABETH ANG / Smart Communications, Inc./ 36:37:00
3rd Place /1411/ MAYETTE GARCIA / Aboitiz Jebsen Maritime Inc./ 37:42:00
4th Place /1511 /ELENE ECINARES/ Smart Communications, Inc./ 37:45:00
5th Place /1506 MIKKOLA AVENTAJADO/ Smart Communications, Inc./ 41:08:00
6th Place/ 1482/ JOAN BELTRAN/ Phoenix Maritime/ 42:34:00
7th Place/ 1028/ JOANNE OLIVA / Leonis Navigation Co., Inc./ 43:21:00
8th Place /1387/ JASMIN BORJA/ Skanfil Maritime, Inc./ 43:54:00
9th Place /1181/ ARLENE BRAGAIS / Cargo Safeway Inc. / 44:05:00
10th Place /1024/ GELINE LONTOC / Leonis Navigation Co., Inc./ 45:09:00

3 Kilometer Run

Male Category

Race No. / Name / Company / Time

Champion /797 /JERBIEL ALBERTO/ Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific / 12:27:00
2nd Place/ 793/ DENNIS GALANO/ Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific/ 12:45:00
3rd Place /805/ GEODITO PAMITTAN /Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific/ 12:47:00
4th Place /806/ GLAEN BOH QUIJANO/ Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific / 12:48:00
5th Place /801/ AMIEL JIM DUCDUCAN/ Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific/ 12:49:00
6th Place/ 800/ CONRADO SANTIAGO/ Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific / 12:50:00
7th Place/ 799/ GENE AGBAYANI /Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific / 13:12:00
8th Place /798/ DAN NICHDE YRAOLA/ Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific / 13:16:00
9th Place /803/ JAYCEE GREGORIO /Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific/ 13:22:00
10th Place /769/ RAYMOND COLOMA/ Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific / 13:30:00

Female Category

Race No. / Name / Company / Time

Champion /809/ DIANA MAE ELDA /Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific / 18:40:00
2nd Place /3623/ RACHEL CANDELARIA/ Dolphin Ship Mgmt, Inc./ 24:43:00
3rd Place/005/ MARY ANN CELIS/ Reiner Pacific Internatinal Shipping, Inc./ 26:15:00
4th Place/ 337 /MALOU ESTRELLA/ Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group, Inc./ 26:33:00
5th Place /416/ HELGA ORZAL/ Aboitiz Jebsen Maritime Inc./ 26:34:00
6th Place /3699/ CHARRY CARILLO/ Magsaysay Maritime Corporation / 26:39:00
7th Place /523 /JO-ANN SANTOS/ Green-Jacobsen/ 26:40:00
8th Place /3690 /MARIBEL CONAG /Magsaysay Maritime Corporation/ 26:50:00
9th Place /3691/ KIMBERLY HONCADA/ Magsaysay Maritime Corporation/ 26:54:00
10th Place/ 026 /ALAINE PEDREZUELA/ Reiner Pacific International Shipping, Inc./ 28:04:00

The event was graced by kind hearted sponsors lead by SMART Link Satellite Services and SM Mall of Asia as over all sponsors. Wallem Maritime Services, Inc. made the event more festive by providing a Dragon dance which appealed to both the young and the young-at-heart participants.

Other sponsors include:

Major Sponsor
NYK-FIL Ship Management Inc.
International Mariners Management Association of Japan (IMMAJ)
NESTLE Philippines / MILO

Minor Sponsors
CF Sharp Crew Mgt., Inc.
Magsaysay Mitsui OSK Marine Inc.

Patron Sponsors
Great Southern Maritime Services Corporation
Magsaysay Employees, Crew & Allottees Development Cooperative
Philippine Seafarers’ Union (PSU)
Mariners and Allied Transport Employees Union (MATEU)
International Development and Environmental Shipping School (IDESS)
BPI Direct Savings Bank
Trans-Global Maritime Agency Inc.
All-Japan Seamen’s Union
INC Navigation Company Phils. Inc.

Medical team
Sagrada Corazon Medical Services Inc.
American Out-Patient Clinic Inc.
Ygeia Medical Center

Sound System
Magsaysay Maritime Corp.

Water Station
Ventis Maritime Corporation

Manpower Assistance
Magsaysay Maritime Corp.
Bright Maritime Corp.

Traffic Management
Metro Manila Development Authority
Pasay City Traffic Management Office/ Pasay City Government

Pasay City Police
SM Mall of Asia

The Joint Manning Group once again, proved in this endeavor that their combined forces will uplift the maritime industry in all aspects.