“Questioning the Challenges and Opportunities for the Future”… this year’s LSM Manning & Training Conference was inspired by this theme. Held once again at the Westin Philippine Plaza Hotel last 21st-23rd of November 2005, it gathered the leading personalities in the world maritime and crewing industry to discuss significant issues affecting the industry. 

The international conference indeed was the best opportunity to continually promote the Filipino seafarers amongst our foreign partners, thus honorable Secretary Patricia Sto. Tomas of the Department of Labor & Employment, in her official welcome to all delegates ensured to discuss what the Philippines is doing to guarantee a trusty long-term supply of quality, competent and skilled seafarers. 

Various prominent speakers with each respective topic discussing the vital current issues in the world maritime industry highlighted the Conference. This event made another great and crucial impact to the world maritime industry. 

FAME as the only supporting local Maritime Association in the Philippines again made a special participation to this conference. The Association as a heartfelt support to Lloyds Ship Management, aided the dissemination of information and invitations to the manning agencies in the Philippines and kept them updated on the latest developments about the conference prior its actual event. With the established relationship with LSM and being one of the supporting associations, FAME was given a free slot of one booth in the conference to continually promote the association. Another good fruit of this rapport is that FAME members were privileged to be given a discount on the conference fee. Indeed, a good deed begets a good deed. 

Concluding, the conference did not only address and clarified issues in the maritime industry, it also gave way for closer rapport and camaraderie amongst the various stakeholders in the world maritime industry. It is true that no matter how tough the issues and problems the industry is facing, as long as all the players in the maritime field are united and cooperative, solutions and improvements are only a hand reach.