The Filipino Association for Mariners’ Employment, Inc. (FAME) conducted a seminar in coordination with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) in line with their thrust for public service excellence and the improvement of institutional management and operation. It was designed to provide POEA officials and employees a better understanding of the maritime industry particularly in the Philippines. This was the result of various observations and discussions made about industry problems encountered at POEA; they saw that it was the best first measure to address the industry concerns. 

The seminar was pursued with two significant objectives, which includes; facilitate greater coordination between the POEA and FAME, thereby strengthening the relationships between the two partners; and increase the awareness of POEA personnel on the industry’s concern and dealings. 

On the day itself, POEA officials and employees were in the hands of able men and women who have acquired expertise, through research and hands-on experience in their respective fields of the maritime industry. 

The nature of the maritime industry and the employment & protection of seafarers were the two (2) major topics discussed. They learned about the seafaring industry in general, from its history to a discussion of what a ship is all about, to the relationship between the shipowner, charterer, shipmanager, manning agent and operator, and the importance of providing the seafarers with ample protection as they go about their daily activities while working in the ship 

Long been questions and why-wonders of POEA personnel and staffs at the Seabased Employment Accreditation and Processing Center (SEAPC) on the significance of the on-time deployment of crew, standard crewing procedures, necessity of proper documentation of seafarers, were answered also during the seminar. That time, they learned and realized why time is of the essence in dealing with the shipping industry and the overseas workers of the sea. 

The seminar was actively participated by the POEA officials and employees from their respective section; hence, it drew 121 participants for four (4) days. Participants find it a very productive and enriching experience. 

Seeing the fruitful result of this action, surely FAME will continue its goals to achieve more developments in the Philippine Maritime Industry. 

In this very successful seminar, the Association gratefully thanks the speakers who willfully and heartedly participated: 

• Dra. Amelita K. Banico, NYK-FIL Maritime E-Training, Inc. Topic: “History and General Background of the Maritime Industry” 

• Capt. Leon A. Domingo, NYK-FIL Maritime E-Training, Inc. Topic: “What is a Ship/Vessel all about?” 

• Atty. Josephine G. Uranza, Consultant, Magsaysay Maritime Corp. Topic: “What is Manning and Seafarer?” 

• Mr. Enrico Mariano H. Atienza, General Manager, Eurasian Maritime Corp. Topic: “The Relationship between Shipowner, Charterer, Shipmanager, Manning Agent and Operator” 

• Engr. Sammuel T. Lim, President/General Manager, Great Southern Maritime Services Corp. • Mr. Reuben Romero, Managing Director, Southfield Agencies, Inc. Topic: “Standard Crewing Procedures of Manning Companies and the Importance of Proper Documentation and On-Time Deployment of Crew” 

• Atty. Brenda V. Pimentel, Regional Coordinator, International Maritime Organization (IMO) Topic: “The Maritime Associations, Organizations and the Unions” 

• Capt. Andrew J. Malpass, President/General Manager, PANDIMAN Philippines, Inc. Topic: “The Maritime Insurance and P & I Club”